Four Gregorian Melodies


Composer: D’Indy, Vincent
Arranger: R. Stevens
Ensemble: Sax Quartet S/AATB
Format: Score (6pp) and S/AATB parts
Length: 3 min. (4 sections)
Difficulty: Grade 3 (Moderate)

Four Gregorian Melodies, Op. 74, No. 2 (1919)

Vincent D’Indy (1851 – 1931)

S/AATB Saxophone Quartet

Four Gregorian Melodies, by Vincent D’Indy, arranged for Saxophone Quartet S/AATB. Four Gregorian Melodies is the second section of a set of piano pieces by D’Indy titled “For Children of All Ages”. Each of the four very brief movements is based on a different Gregorian mode. The first and last movements are slow and contemplative while the two middle movements are more lively. The movements are as follows:

  1. Lent et religieux (Slow & religiously), (Dorian)
  2. Avec allegress (With joy),  (Phrygian)
  3. Joyeusement (Joyfully), (Lydian)
  4. Lent et tres expressif (Slow and very expressive), (Mixolydian)

This arrangement is for SATB or AATB saxophone quartet.

  • The range for each saxophone part is shown below.
  • Audio and score excerpts are available above.
  • Registered users can download a complete sample score and full length audio file of Four Gregorian Melodies on the ‘Samples’ tab.

Four Gregorian Melodies by Vincent D’Indy for S/AATB Saxophone Quartet

Another section of “For Children of All Ages”, Les Danses is available here as a S/AATB sax quartet.


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