Andante and Allegro


Composer: Diebold, Johannes
Arranger: R. Stevens
Ensemble: Saxophone Quartet AATB
Format: Score (4 pp) and AATB parts
Length: 3 min.
Difficulty: Grade 2.5 – 3 (Moderately Easy – Moderate)

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Andante and Allegro

Johannes Diebold (1842 – 1929)

AATB Saxophone Quartet

Andante and Allegro by Johannes Diebold, arranged for AATB saxophone quartet. Andante and Allegro by Johannes Diebold is from of one of the many sets of organ preludes and postludes he composed. Diebold, a late Romantic period German organist and composer, wrote a great deal of organ and choral music. The andante is very solemn and deliberately paced. The allegro section is a busy fughetta that is equally serious as the andante, just faster. The fughetta concludes with a recap of the andante section.

The Andante movement is very simple with most of the movement in half and quarter notes with all players playing through the entire piece. The allegro is a little more compicated. The theme begins with the bari playing alone. The other parts, beginning with tenor, join at each new statement of the theme. A good deal of independence is required of each player.

  • The range for each saxophone part is shown below.
  • Audio and score excerpts are available above.
  • Registered users can download a complete sample score and full length audio file of Andante and Allegro on the ‘Samples’ tab.

Andante and Allegro by Diebold for AATB Saxophone Quartet.


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