Tivoli Circus Polka
Christian Teilman


Composer: Christian Teilman
Arranger: R. Stevens
Ensemble: Saxophone Quartet
Format: Full Score (4pp). Flexible scoring
Length: 2.25 minutes
Difficulty: Grade 2.5 - 3 (Moderate)



Tivoli Circus Polka
Christian Teilman
Saxophone Quartet
Flexible Scoring

Tivoli Circus Polka by Norwegian composer,  Christian Teilman arranged for saxophone quartet with flexible scoring. This piece is named after Tivoli, the famous amusement park in Copenhagen. Like much of Teilman’s light music, it has an attractive melody and jaunty rhythms.

This piece is scored for Saxophone Quartet with flexible scoring. It is intended for AATB sax quartet but has alternate parts. The following parts are included:

  • Alto Sax 1
  • Soprano Sax (Alto Sax 1 Double)
  • Alto Sax 2
  • Alto Sax 3 (Tenor Sax 1 Double)
  • Tenor Sax 1
  • Tenor Sax 2 (Alto Sax 2 Double)
  • Baritone Sax

Tivoli Circus Polka is a fun little piece and it’s not too challenging. The melody passes back and forth between the three upper voices while the bass line bounces along underneath.

  • A short audio sample and score sample are available above.
  • The range for each saxophone part is shown below.
  • On the ‘Samples’ tab, registered users can download a full length audio file and sample score of Tivoli Circus Polka
    Christian Teilman.
Tivoli Circus Polka, Christian Teilman, AATB Saxophone Quartet, Flexible Scoring


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Christian Teilman”

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Christian Tielman

Christian Tielman

Christian Teilman (30 July 1843 – 4 December 1909) was a Norwegian organist, pianist, and composer. He was one of the most prolific and popular Norwegian composers of of his time. He wrote many small works suitable for amateur performers.

Teilman grew upin Østfold, and later in Christiania. He became interested in music early and received his education from the composer and organist Carl Arnold in Christiania and the composer and pianist Herman Berens in Stockholm. After a few years in Bergen he resided in Christiania from 1869 and worked as a music teacher, composer and pianist. In later years he was an organist at the Garnison Church in Akershus. Teilman never married, and he lived and taught at changing addresses with his brother Carl Teilman (1845-1911). The brother ran a piano shop and also released some minor compositions.

Teilman was a famous in Oslo for his popular piano music. He participated in numerous popular concerts with his own works – including the famous Tivoli Gardens. However, not everyone was as enthusiastic. Many music critics found his work to be “well-meaning” but insignifcant.

Teilman wrote more than 250 compositions, most for piano solo but a few larger works for musical theater as well. Many of his pieces were inspired by Norwegian tunes. He was an inventive composer, even if he chose to write “light music”. At his best, he showed a distinct ability to write pleasant, tuneful music for the amateur pianist. He had a thorough knowledge of the piano and an intuitive feeling for what the audience wanted.

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